6 Life Hack Products for the New Baby

When I became a new mom, I learned quickly that you have to come up with some life hacks for the new baby to make it all work. For example, I had no idea that many snaps on baby clothing were so irritating, and I learned that zippers, for me, were the easier way to go. Learning life hacks for the baby was a learning process, and like many moms, I am still learning while I go.

Here are 6 baby hacks that make a new mom’s life easier:

1. Clothes that have feet and zippers:
Like I mentioned above, too many snaps annoy me. When I tried to put my first son in this cute little tiger outfit, I could not believe that there were like twenty snaps. I kept screwing up and could not figure out how those darn snaps worked on the legs. That is why I opted for zippers along the front – so much easier. It took me like five minutes less to get him dressed, and I am all about time saving.

Also, I love the outfits with the feet; this saved me from taking the time to find those itty bitty socks that disappear to another galaxy. I felt like an outfit with a zipper and feet gave me some of my life back, for real.

2. Plant a Bouncer in the bathroom
I never understood until I had children what mothers of young children meant when they said they didn’t have time to shower. For my first maternity leave, I pictured long baths while a baby slept contently in his crib. Ha! Hilarious. Once you leave that baby’s sight, even if he is sleeping, he will start to cry. I don’t know how, but babies know when their mother leaves them.

My fantasy long baths were just that – a fantasy. I found the best way to be able to clean myself was to bring a bouncer in the bathroom and set it up facing the shower. New moms quickly realize that it will be a long time before they shower or pee in privacy.

3. Don’t buy a changing table. Use a blanket on a changing pad.

I never bought a changing table. We used a bureau with a changing pad on top. I also received advice from a lady working at a baby thrift store to not even buy the changing pad covers. “Just use blankets,” she said, “don’t waste your money on the fancy covers, they poop all over them anyway, and blankets are not only cheaper, but they are easier to wash.” I wish I remembered this woman’s name because her advice about poop changed my life – poop, so much poop!

4. Use a click and connect stroller and car seat base
My click and connect stroller from Graco saved me. It was a life hack for my new baby that was key for me when traveling. Both of my boys always fell asleep in the car, and this product allowed me to easily lift the car seat out of the car, click it on my stroller, and be on my way without interrupting their sleep!

I also recommend the base that you strap into your car and then click this car seat into. This base made it so much easier for me when my second was born because I was able to just click the baby in while holding my toddler’s hand – instead of running around my car like a freak.

5. Make the swaddling madness easier by using SwaddleMes
Swaddling is a life hack in itself that quiets babies and helps them sleep. I always admired the nurses who so effortlessly swaddled my sons like perfect burritos, then I tried, and my swaddle resembled more of a piece of lettuce that was falling apart. I would even ask for tutorials, but I could never swaddle as well as those nurses. When I got home, and no nurses were in sight, I needed a baby hack and quick. That is when I discovered SwaddleMes that used velcro, and they were so fool proof that a chimp could use them. Just lay out the SwaddleMes like a blanket, then put your babes on top and velcro. No nurse needed.

6. Quiet your crying baby with the Shhh App
I was a huge fan of the book The Happiest Baby on the Block. In that book, one of the five major ways to quiet a baby was shushing over an over again. Sounds ridiculous – but it works. So I found myself shushing until I could barely breathe during long car rides. That’s why I was psyched to discover the shhh app. Press play, crank up the volume, and it does the shushing for you. This app has saved me valuable breathing time.

These are just some baby hacks that worked for me, and I learned some by accident, some out of desperation, and some from trial and error, because we mother’s find clever ways to make it work.

We want to hear from you. Please comment below about life hacks for your new baby that made your life easier.

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