Pockets of Time: A Working-at-Home Mother’s Rock Star Day


I’ve always been good at taking advantage of pockets of time.

I write this post because for once, I feel like a rock star, but I am laughing at myself as to why I feel like a rock star. And before I go any further, let me express the fact that not every day is a rock star type of day. Some days, check that – a lot of days as a working-at-home mom are not easy.

However, I love my days that tend to somehow melt into a beautiful oblivion, but there are many times when I accomplish very little of what I set out to do. I am slowly learning that this is okay.

A major reason I began writing this blog is that I genuinely believe that most mothers are doing their best. Not all, but the majority of mothers I know are truly doing everything they can. Whether you are a stay-at-home, working, or work-at-home mom, you have your hands full and sometimes just need to step back and acknowledge that you are a rock star.

Although this term has a different definition than it did during my college days, I am proud of my new rock star ways.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday. My toddler goes to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I have a couple of days to focus on my freelance work without my adorable son running around the living room, tugging at my shirt, and doing everything a two-year-old boy should be doing, which just happens to be incredibly counterproductive to mommy working at home.

Anyhow, Tuesdays are not only a day to catch up on my work; they are also a day to catch up on laundry, cook something decent, clean the house, spend some bonding time with my two-month-old, and more.

Actually, Tuesdays are still a marathon type of day, and I find myself sometimes literally running to complete task after task. Seriously, I work up a sweat and double these days as cardio.

I certainly am not complaining. I love this new life of mine, but if anyone thinks a mother who stays home or works part-time at home frequently watches soap operas, kicks up her feet, and has “just so much more time,” this is not the case.

I do have more time with my children, which makes me happy and works for me, but I really don’t have any extra downtime. Luckily I felt pretty prepared for this when I chose to change my lifestyle, which may not offer more downtime but certainly provides ME with less stress.

Back to my point. I pride myself on finding pockets of time and getting stuff done. It’s always been a tenant of my personality that has its positive and negatives. Positives, well, because I am reliable, negatives, because when I set a goal, I become obsessive.

And it doesn’t matter what that goal is: Athletic, educational, career, etc. Now my goals consist of daily, organized today lists that fill my wall calendar.

One day my goals were to complete a 2,000-word article, work up to two minutes of tummy time (for the baby, not me), complete a craft project with my toddler, go for a walk, go over prepositions with my toddler (this is actually on a preschool checklist I found, and I literally had him running around, over, and under a chair – hilarious), go to the library and read books with my sons, provide the research for my next two articles on dogs,  organize the toys, proofread an article on campgrounds, clean and put away the dishes, and play outside in the kiddie pool.

I felt like a rock star that day too.

And this doesn’t even include the day-to-day diaper changes, kissing wounds, singing lullabies, counting to three. . .

But there are days when my plans go awry: the baby doesn’t want to nap. The toddler gets sick. I can’t get to an article because my two-month-old is going through a growth spurt and wants to nurse all day or my toddler decides to throw a very long tantrum over not getting chips for breakfast.

As a person who thrives on routine, I am learning not to freak out when things do not go as planned.

Sometimes not everything gets done. Sometimes it does. Somehow I find a way to meet the mandatory deadlines.

Some recent major life experiences have taught me that I am lucky. I am so very lucky. And it’s okay if the to-do list I created (which, yes, I have a mountain of one I write down each day), does not get done. I use pockets of time to do what I can, and today I am giving myself some credit because as so many of moms do, I am doing all that I can.

I felt like a rock star today because I finished three articles ahead of time, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, cooked a turkey, wrote emails to four clients, mopped the floors, organized the pantry, researched another dog article, read to my baby, picked up my other son from daycare, wrote this blog post, and spent time just being with my two boys at the end of a very busy day. And Friday through Monday my focus will change again as I spend time with those two rascals.

After all, life is short, and I am fortunate that I can write from anywhere (at any time – including midnight), so we are taking a trip to the beach. Rock on!

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