Gumby Arms, Grocery Store Toddler Tantrums, and Freelancing in the Car

Shhhhhhh. After my toddler threw a tantrum in the checkout line of Publix, he and my two-month-old baby are finally fast asleep in the car. This is a rare moment. Apparently, I had overextended our outing and missed a crucial nap time. Whoops!

Honestly, we were already out, and I just needed milk.

I guess I blew it when I also noticed that I needed bananas, apple juice, eggs, cheese…

Okay, I pushed it too far. I keep forgetting that outings are on a timer when you are outnumbered. We made it through the playgroup unscathed, so I should have quit while I was ahead.

The big kicker – the cashier forgot to ring up one can of tuna, and I had to tell her three times not to worry about it as I tried to pick up my Gumby-armed two-year-old.

“Don’t worry about it,” I repeated as I tried to wrangle my spastic tyke into my arms. “No, seriously, don’t worry about it,” I said after she asked again.

Meanwhile, the baby started crying, and I vowed to go to a different grocery store next week.

Now, my children are sleeping at the same exact time! So, I busted out my computer and began writing. It’s a tad uncomfortable, but you do what you have to do when you’re a freelancing mama.

I’m not big into selfies, but this was one to remember. In a previous post, I wrote about utilizing pockets of time as a working-at-home mom. This time squeezer remains one for the record books.

Side note: This smile expresses relief instead of pure happiness. Right now, I am exhilarated just to be out of that grocery store.

I’ve just been hired to write an article on balancing family while working on a startup (I better get back to that before my little buggers get up), and a lot of it so far discusses that I am in no way a work-life balance guru – and never will be.

In fact, sometimes, like when I’m wrangling a toddler in the middle of a temper tantrum, I am a complete mess

But I do keep on learning tricks along the way – like writing on a laptop in my car as two children sleep, and I do have more harmony than I did before I began this crazy adventure, but still, the juggling act continues.

I adore staying home with my children and am so fortunate that I found a way to find a lifestyle that works for me, but there are still moments when I want to pull my hair out and eat spikes.

We all have our own unique obstacles.

For one, I never thought I’d ever be writing with my computer jammed up next to my steering wheel while my car runs in my driveway.

Shoot! I missed my window, he’s up, gotta go, so work time’s over – for now.

Wish me luck that I complete the deadline – and hopefully, my car didn’t die.

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