Starting Out: A Freelancing Mom Revisits One of Her First Posts and Clients

freeAs a freelancing mom, I am grateful to a lot of companies that have made this venture possible.

As a thank you, I am going to be posting links to some of my freelancing articles that relate to lovemommynow.

I want first to introduce an article that I wrote for Endanzoo; this company was a  beginning freelancing mom’s dream gig.

A few companies, like Endanzoo, provided me with the experience I needed to make my freelancing mommy life possible.

In addition to paying me, they sent me some of their organic baby clothes. My son absolutely loves his comfy, green shirt with an artsy cartoon rhino on it.

I love Endanzoo because 10% of their proceeds aid endangered species, and their clothes are great educational conversation starters for kids about how we are part of a much bigger picture.

Endanzoo was the first about us page I ever wrote as a freelancing mom. They gave me a story, and I built on it. The company’s history about a toddler at the zoo resonated with me.

I also wrote this article: How I plan to Teach My Children About Wildlife Conservation.

I still stand by its powerful message. Check it out. Thanks, Endanzoo!


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