Freelancing about Breastfeeding: Two Journeys that Complement Each Other


What do freelancing and breastfeeding have in common? They both emphasize the journey.

As I began to develop a writing style and work my way up the ladder, I found that I could pick clients that had positive messages and mindsets similar to my own.

I no longer needed to write about period panties (we all have to start somewhere) or for clients who hit the publish button way too soon.

I had options. I had stories to tell. I had a vision that could coincide with the companies that provided my income.

I am fortunate to write breastfeeding blogs for Bonita Bluum. This company sells elegant white nursing covers and runs a blog that respects mothers at any stage of their breastfeeding journey. They also respect a mother’s choice in regards to her situation.

I love how this company aims to educate others about breastfeeding in a non-judgemental way and respects all mothers choices on how to feed their babes.

It’s a supportive breastfeeding blog. And I think it does a great job of offering varying perspectives and advice for all mothers regardless of your situation.

I have written some funny listicles such as 5 Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mom and 5 Breastfeeding Tips for the New Mom that you should check out at Bonita Bluum.



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