How Can it Be? Our Boy is Three!


How can it be? Our boy is three.
Wasn’t it yesterday when he was kicking inside me?

Now this rascal is faster than light
And he talks and talks with all of his might
Did I mention that he goes, goes, goes from morning until night?

He loves balloons, fruit, and trains
He enjoys his books; this kid’s got brains

Of course, I’m biased for he is mine
And he cracks me up; we have a fun time

He points out directions when we go on our walks
And he’s three so he talks and talks and talks … and talks

And sometimes his ceaseless exploring makes my hair frizzy
But I wouldn’t want him any less busy

Because right now he’s always learning
And knowing the world is his yearning

His energy is to be expected – not bad
He certainly is an inquisitive lad

Let’s highlight the fact that this boy’s got wheels
I try to catch him but breathe hard at his heels

He flashes this grin that’s the cutest of all,
And he continues to get up after countless falls

He runs me ragged, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be
He’s a stellar boy, and today he’s three!
He looks out for his brother and rubs that baby’s head
He rests on my arm when it’s time for bed

He always cuddles and whispers, “I love you so,”
This is something he still wants us to know
He truly is a sensitive soul

Continue to prosper
Continue to dream
Continue to entertain at the scene

Continue to question
Continue to grow
And always, always, always know
how your daddy and I love you so

Keep moving forward and looking up towards the sky
Keep holding out your arms to fly

Keep exploring the world and being just you
I can’t believe that you’re no longer two!

It’s crazy how the time just flew
You’re terrific sweet son – happy birthday to you!


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