Love Mommy Now features poetry, articles, product reviews, and more

It was created by Amanda Clark-Rudolph who wanted a space to share her thoughts and experiences, as well as support for all of you wonderful moms out there.

You are wonderful, you are strong, and you are amazing!

About the Author: Amanda Clark-Rudolph resides with her family in Ocala, Florida. In addition to contributing works to her blog: Love Mommy Now, she also contributes to Atlas Mission, EasyBib, Luvabub, Lifecopes, and more. 

She has written four books of poetry: Looking at the Moon, Beautifully Mixed-Up World, Flying Fall, and Through the Blinds.

She loves technology, juggling pins, and playing with her two-year-old son who will become a big brother in February. She also is a pro at multitasking.