Hey You


Hey you
with the crescent moon circles under your eyes,

Hey you
With the peanut butter fingerprints on your business shirt,

Hey you
With that loving urge, safe arms, and nurturing smile,

Hey you
With that inner perception of weakness
That is radiated
Through unrealistic expectations of perfection,

Hey you
who despite doing your best,
Giving it all, and caring so passionately feels like she just can’t win.

Hey you
Who analyzes major decisions like you are prepping for surgery

Hey you
Who finally takes a stand
And realizes the time for change
Who rationalizes what needs to be done like a complex Good Will Hunting equation

Hey you
Who only knows how possible
a declaration may be
Due to so many changes in circumstances
and variables
Yet the outside world is unaware

Hey you
Who makes a choice
That is the best choice for you
Who knows herself and situation
Better than any outsider
Peering through an icy window

Hey you—
Yeah, you right there:

Remember this on your way to work
Or on your way to the playground
Or on your way to a conference
Or on your way to the pediatrician
Or on your way to a soccer game
Or on your way to your bed
Or on the way to the hospital
Or on your way to cook
Or on your way to fast food
Or on your way to the grocery store
Or on your way to a recital
Or on the way to your boss’s office
Or on the way to your playgroup
Or on the way to your daycare
Or on the way home

Just know, my strong, resilient, imperfect soul,
That you are worthy
You are beautiful
You are loved
You are spectacular
You are important
You are good
You are intelligent
You are admired
You are real
You belong

You.       Are.          Justified.



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