Medium and WordPress: Can we be Compatible?

bloggingToday I want to share some posts that I have written for Medium.

I was introduced to this site by Nguyen Expeditions:  An incredible client who publishes on this site that is so easy to maintain.

For Nguyen Expeditions I was hired to write about technology and freelancing as a mom. Seriously, this was a job.

In addition to those two posts, there’s a post I published today on my own. If you enjoy these, make sure to follow me on and on Medium.

I am trying to make this blog contending relationship compatible. I will say Medium makes it easier by allowing me to import these blog posts to their venue without a hassle or paying another fee – just saying.

However, there are pros and cons to each platform. I am just trying to navigate them both for the time being. Everything’s a learning curve.

Happy reading!

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